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Growing Up With Flowers

by Bradley Beck on August 29, 2016 at 7:51 am

Growing Up With Flowers - Bradley Beck“Hey, you’re the flower man.” I often hear this when I go back to the local elementary school every year to teach kids about flowers, and I’m not even a florist – although I do work with florists all the time. I’ve been conducting a flower program for kids for years ever since my youngest daughter was in first grade.

A few of my peers and I wrote and created a program to share our love of flowers and the flower business with children. We developed the “Growing Up With Flowers” program to teach children about the beauty and value of flowers.

I always open and close my programs by singing a song I wrote called, “The Flower Song” to get the children’s attention. I ask the children if they want to sing a happy song about flowers? They love the simple hand gestures and the catchy rhythm: “I have a little seed, I put it in the ground. I covered it with dirt and I watered it around. Up comes the stem, and out comes the leaves. And out POPS the flower, that comes from the seed. Flowers come in many colors, from all around the world. Flowers give good feelings, to all the Boys and Girls.”  Read More

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Three Hot Prom Accessories

by Shelby Shy on April 27, 2016 at 11:30 am

It is prom season, which means it’s time to partaaaay! Before the party starts, you have to first find the right dress — and then the accessories. And the best accessory is always flowers. Your florist can create the perfect floral accessory for you to match your prom dress and unique style. You’ll be surprised at the options. Below are a few to get you started.

Floral necklaces make a beautifully sophisticated statement, perfect for the trendy personality. Ask your florist to create one for you with your favorite flowers. This floral necklace features eggplant dendrobium orchids, waxflowers and lily grass. Your date can wear a matching boutonnière.

Prom Floral Necklace

Floral jewelry doesn’t have to be metallic. This colorful bracelet mixes braided ribbon with yellow craspedia and kangaroo paws. If your style is on the artsy side, this may be just for you.



Playful green wire balls and funky sticks give a modern update to the traditional cymbidium orchid boutonnière and corsage. Classic style with a twist.


For more prom flower ideas, check out this Flickr gallery and more blogs. Also, take this fun quiz to find out your prom flower personality.

How will you wear flowers to prom? 

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Being the Envy of Prom

by Joyce Mason-Monheim on March 28, 2016 at 5:13 am

PromBack2-FlowersAnd-JoyceMasonMonheimWith prom season in full force, the first thought of any girl is, of course, the dress. Do you choose a two-piece or a high-low cut? A classic elegant style or the trendy color blocking design? Or is there sparkle and shine? So many choices and will you make the right one?

When choosing the right look, you ask yourself: What color best fits my complexion? Which perfect shoe accents the dress style? And next come the jewelry, flowers, hairstyle and makeup. Hold it. How about simplifying this by combining your accessories, such as jewelry with flowers or your hairstyle with flowers?

This can be a simple process by visiting your local professional florist and requesting floral accessories that best complement your dress. Think about the style and cut of your dress to determine how flowers, just like jewelry, can accentuate the perfect point on your neckline, shoulder, waist or even back. Flower accessories can be placed anywhere you choose, and with the incredible products your local florist has, the options are endless. From clips to magnets, nothing is out of reach or out of place.

One of the trendy styles is beautiful illusion or deep detailed backs of the dress. Accentuate the back of your dress by using floral clips that have flowers attached. Bling adds attention and creativity to the dress back. Complete the look with coordinating wristlets for a front detail.

PromHair-FlowersAnd-JoyceMasonMonheimUsing flowers to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece for your necklace can enhance any neckline and back of the dress also.  Your florist can use zippers, garlands or even decorative wire to create these incredible art pieces that know one else will have. Don’t stop there —add a floral ring or earrings to coordinate with your statement piece.

Last but not least, don’t forget to enhance your hair. Any updo style can be accented with flowers, halos or even hairpieces that bring your look totally together. It’s all up to you and your creative floral designer to accessorize your style and your look.

Your florist can also help you coordinate your date’s boutonniere with the same style and look you have just created. You will be the “star of the show” and the envy of all your friends. Want to see more prom flowers? Check out this Flickr Gallery for unique corsages and boutonnieres. The possibilities are endless.

Want to know which prom flower best fits your personality? Check out this fun quiz: Have fun on this very special night of your high school experience!

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The floral designs featured combine beautiful hot pink roses, white snapdragons and fuchsia dendrobium orchids with festive thematic additions. The tallest design, suitable for a buffet table, uses a glass cylinder as a lift with a black container that looks similar to a mortarboard placed on top. Off the edge of the container hangs a tassel, and on top is a graduation beach ball.

The floral designs featured combine beautiful hot pink roses, white snapdragons and fuchsia dendrobium orchids with festive thematic additions. The tallest design, suitable for a buffet table, uses a glass cylinder as a lift with a black container that looks similar to a mortarboard placed on top. Off the edge of the container hangs a tassel, and on top is a graduation beach ball.

Those final exams may not have been taken yet, but thoughts of mortarboards and tassels are already in the minds of seniors everywhere. That means that it will not be too long and graduation parties will be kicking soon.

So let’s get the party started. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Pick a Date. Keep in mind all the other grads will be doing the same. Planning around other family events may allow out-of-town guests to “double dip” the trip.

Step 2: Set a Budget. Be realistic; parties can be expensive. Each person invited represents an expense. Outline all the options available in regard to locations, food and beverage, decoration, entertainment and rentals such as tables, chairs, tents, etc. Consider the costs for each of these elements and select based on your abilities. Read More

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Touchdown! Winning Homecoming Ideas

by Ardith Beveridge on September 12, 2014 at 2:41 pm


Jump over the goal line with both feet; it’s time to carry on the all American tradition of homecoming. What part makes you smile? Reuniting with family and friends? Cheering on the football team? The parade? The school dance?

Here are a couple ideas for adding flowers to your homecoming festivities guaranteed to make you and your guests smile.

When getting together for college homecomings, friends often bring snacks to share for the pre-game festivities. Class up the tailgate with a floral design in school colors or a football made of flowers placed in the center of the snack table.

Corsages and boutonnières are a must for homecoming dances. Your local florist can customize your flowers to match your attire or give you a touch of school colors. Remember to order school spirited corsages and boutonnières for chaperones, the bandleader, guest speakers and other special guests. And a fun idea for the homecoming King and Queen — scepters decorated with flowers in school colors.

Don’t be shy. Talk to your local professional florist for suggestions to add flowers to your homecoming festivities.